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Nothing Beats Love!

I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant who creates beautiful ceremonies for couples exchanging marriage vows.

From the picturesque vineyards of Mudgee to the stunning Blue Mountains or toes in sand at Byron Bay, your wedding day memories are ones to be treasured. Even when you’re old and grey and your slippers are parked next to your beloveds.

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My style is one of warmth, fun, flexibility and excellence in presentation, hence I create highly unique, engaging and polished ceremonies.

Marriage Celebrant

Love, writing and this wondrous journey is my passion, and I fully invest myself in your story to create a unique, engaging & polished ceremony that reflects all the wonderful things that make up you. Being a Marriage Celebrant is my passion - yes, I love love and the writer in me loves to capture a great tale! Also, I ensure all legal requirements are met while, with a calm guiding hand, leading you through each step of your wedding checklist so you can be relaxed and ready come your big day.

Baby Naming

This is a truly lovely way to welcome a new baby into the fold of the immediate, and extended family, and for parents to publicly declare their commitment to their child’s future. A truly special day, where friends and family join in welcoming the newest member of the family.

Renewal of Vows

This is a wonderful way to reaffirm your marriage vows, before friends and family, and celebrate your journey and the depth of your ongoing love. It’s a delight to see a couple rekindle those butterflies, no matter how long ago they first took their vows, and have the privilege to toast to all they’ve shared and wonderful moments, yet to unfold, in the years ahead!


The loss of someone we love is often one of the hardest things we will experience in our life. Thus, a funeral or memorial service offers a heartfelt and meaningful way to say our farewells. My role is to assist in this difficult time in a way that is authentic to you, and best reflects your feelings and the wishes of your loved one.

A Message from Misha

I am an avid globe trotter who chases sunsets, beauty and a great espresso!

My passion is capturing the fun, romance (and love!) that is uniquely yours, with a ceremony that will delight you and your guests. After all, the road to love is a wondrous one, made all more meaningful by some of the shared potholes along the way! 🙂

I offer warmth, flexibility, excellence in presentation and a calm guiding hand throughout the process; so you can be relaxed and ready come your big day. With plenty of sample ceremonies & readings at your fingertips, we’ll co-create a highly personal ceremony; reflecting your personalities, style and vision.

Let me know your special date and, if I’m available, we can meet over a coffee – or bubbles! – and chat about creating wedding magic. Thank you for entrusting me with solemnizing your wedding.

Misha x

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Why Misha






It was love at first sight— with our celebrant haha! What can we say about Misha - Firstly the best celebrant a couple could ever ask for! Misha was the absolute dream, she tailored the ceremony to suit us as a couple absolutely perfectly, she went above and beyond in every Avenue possible, our love story was told so perfectly, as if she’d known us forever. Our guests raved about it, and we were just over the moon! If you are looking for a a celebrant for your upcoming wedding - look no further, Misha is the one stop tailored shop, and we couldn’t of been happier to have her create the title to our latest chapter. Love always, the cooks 💖


Wow, wow, wow, what a beautiful person you are Aunty Mish and what a beautiful day and night it was! We can’t thank you enough for helping us through our nerves and our special day.You were spoken about by so many people, they just couldn’t believe that you were so invested and in love with us. Looking back I honestly can’t even imagine what they would have looked like with anyone but yourself!We will be catching up with our little fur babies soon.Love you Mish, from Mr and Mrs Clinch 💙😘"


Thank you so very much Misha for all of your hard work and efforts in helping make our wedding ceremony so beautiful. It certainly was a wild ride to get there, with more than a few hiccups and curve balls thrown in, but we are so grateful for all of your commitment and hard work in the midst of everything. We've had so many comments about what a wonderful job you did and how incredibly warm, joyful and personable you were, which are all qualities that make you so good at what you do! We are so very grateful to have had you as our Chief Joy Facilitator/Celebrant.Biggest love, Pippa & Lewis Goodman xoxo


Misha was a calming and uplifting presence on our wedding day. Even if the rings were missing, the veil fell off mid ceremony and Misha's very own glasses broke in two mid ceremony we soldiered on. Mish wrote us a ceremony that reflected my husband and I perfectly. I love that she was so invested in finding out as much about us as possible to create the most perfect start to our wedding day. Thank you Love Alysha and Mark Dennis.


I knew Misha was going to be outstanding from our first phone call - and she was. In fact, so much so that I began to call her and describe her to my friends and family as my "fairy godmother". I emailed her feeling hopeless about our dream to elope to Mudgee.. she called me that evening and started to wave her magic wand. We literally had to get our paperwork done within 24 hours from this phone call... Misha went above and beyond to ensure we knew the process and could meet the timeline. When I called Misha to tell her that we had made the cut off date, her excitement beamed through the phone. She's just so genuine and kind! .... Our wedding day really was everything we dreamed of. It was romantic, private, special and classy...


Where do I even begin to express how wonderful Misha was?!From the very beginning, Misha was so professional but caring and warm which is a hard combination of qualities to find in a celebrant. She began and ended every conversation with such enthusiasm and excitement that it was hard not to get excited too (even during those very stressful times of planning). Misha listened to our requests for the day and follow them perfectly whilst guiding us when we weren’t sure.The ceremony was a great concern for me as we weren’t going tradition and we didn’t want to make it meaningless, but Misha guided us and composed a beautifully written summary of our relationship and told it in a way that perfectly reflected the vibe and mood we wanted to have for our day. I think to most important part of our experience working with Misha is that she took all of the stress and panic away on the day by working with our vendors independently to create a smooth and effortless ceremony even with such difficult weather.Finally, as someone who is incredibly shy and doesn’t enjoy focus on themselves, it was so comforting to see Misha’s smiling face and to hear her calm and well-spoken voice throughout the ceremony.I could go on for paragraphs about all of the amazing things that Misha’s brings to your wedding planning and wedding day so I’d like to finish here by saying… if you are planning your wedding (traditional or not) you will be forever grateful to have found such a wonderful person to add that special touch to your day.Thank you Misha :)


Our wedding in April was set for disaster. Our celebrant plans had fallen through with just about a month to the wedding day, and with covid lock-downs looming, we thought all was about to be lost. ..... a friend said 'try Misha Harding, she's usually booked months in advance but she might be able to point you in the right direction!" I found Misha's website and sent her an honest, heartfelt message. It was a long shot, but we had to try. I received a call from a bubbly, happy voice full of concern. What happened? She asked. I felt about to cry as Blake and I spoke about our situation. I will never forget that phone call. Misha told us that her birthday weekend..... and she had kept that weekend to spend surrounded by family and friends.... She said she would be delighted to share a weekend of magic with her 'Easter Bunnies' (our wedding was also on Easter weekend...) Misha organised everything last minute, she invited us into her home and her heart, and we are so happy to have had her as an integral part of our special day. Our ceremony was personal, full of heart and laughed; and our families have since said it was one of the very best ceremonies they've been to! ..... Misha was our savior in such a tumultuous time, and I really do believe we were meant to find each other, as our day couldn't have run more perfect.... she is such a beautiful soul who gave us an absolutely magical day. Thank you!! ♥ Your Easter Bunnies


Where to start with the most amazing person anyone would have the privilege to meet? Misha created magic with our wedding day, although she wasn't our original celebrant she answered our SOS plea after our celebrant had cancelled only a few months before the wedding day. From her first email the passion and love she has as a celebrant really came through we had organised a phone call to check that we would be a suitable match.. and what a match made in heaven it was! ... My now Hubby and I travelled down to Mudgee to meet with Misha and she opened her arms to us (literally) knowing how stressed we were, she instantly calmed our nerves and helped us run a rehearsal in her living room with the most beautiful puppy, Mitzie! We left so excited for our wedding day and started preparing our narrative for the ceremony. On the days leading up to the big day Misha contacted us to ensure we were feeling OK and.... the day before due to Misha living away from us we decided to do a phone call rehearsal with photos and it was the best thing ever to help calm my nerves... On the wedding day Misha captured our love perfectly, there was not a dry eye. The love and care she gave us really made our wedding day something to remember! Also, we 100% recommend inviting Mitzie to the ceremony, who doesn't love a puppy who can dance? google only allows for 5 stars but Misha deserves so many more, not only did she help us create a magical day we will always cherish, we have also gained a very close friend. Misha is worth millions, she will not disappoint! ❤


Misha was an incredible celebrant, from the minute we first spoke on the phone there was a connection and I knew we’d found the person we wanted to marry us. Adam and I loved every step of the way organising our ceremony with Misha, she went above and beyond and made us feel so special and loved. She was efficient, organized, and we didn’t have to worry about anything. The ceremony was written beautifully and captured our relationship and love for each other perfectly. Misha felt like family and treated us the same. As much as we’d love to keep Misha all to ourselves, it would be shame to not share her passion and care with more couples. If you’re looking for an amazing celebrant, your search is over, contact Misha now! Thank you again Misha, love always the Spaleta’s.


Since the minute we met Misha, we knew that she had a wonderful energy and a pure love for her job. The few times we met with her, she was warm, very friendly, and had the most contagious outlook on life and love. Her ceremony was incredibly detailed with our story, and she personalised it with touches that described Pete and I perfectly. Not only did we love her, but our guests did too, including my very traditional father, which is saying something! She listened to us, and what we wanted, and delivered something better than we could have imagined. I highly recommend Misha, for so many reasons, but most importantly, for her incredible appreciation for her job, and for each and every couple. Thank you Misha! xx


“Where to begin? An amazing warm heart woman. Right from my initial contact with Misha she instantly put me at ease. She created the most magical, spirit felt ceremony for us. We had guests coming up saying it was the most beautiful wedding ceremony they had experienced. If that's not a great compliment I don't know what is! Our ceremony was full of joyful tears, both wedding party and guests alike, even caught Misha with a tear. Misha opened my eyes to all things "ceremony", she didn't leave anything out, very thorough. I'm so grateful and blessed to have had Misha as my marriage celebrant. It will be a day that fills my heart forever!! Thank you Misha so very much, from the bottom of my heart XXXXX”


“After a great loss in our family recently we decided to have a non traditional wedding and surprise our guests at just an ordinary party. From the first day of meeting Misha, we knew instantly that we needed her for our wedding ceremony. Misha is a kind, caring, compassionate, loving woman that reflects in her work as a celebrant. Our ceremony was personal, heart warming and captured who we are as a couple and the journey we have already been on, It was like we have known Misha for years which is where her nickname (Aunty Mish) came from. Misha had us and our guests in happy tears especially when remembering my (Sarah) dad who recently left us. We both and many of our guests highly recommend Misha, she is truely amazing at her job where she makes magic happen."


Misha is just amazing! From our first meeting we just clicked straight away!! We had to change our original wedding plans to a small intimate ceremony due corona virus, it was no hassle at all for her. She helped us in so many ways, from helping us pick our readings, keeping us calm during planning and keeping us on track with of all the extra paperwork. On the day she dealt with our somewhat crazy loud families and made everything a breeze. We will cherish her story of us for forever, her hard work and passion really showed through it. Couldn’t have picked a better Chief Joy Facilitator. 💕


Definitely the best!! We honestly cannot thank Misha enough for everything she did for us to make our day perfect, we both felt at ease the minute we meet Misha and felt how much she truly cared about making our day stress free and exactly the way we wanted it to be! I truly believe that you will never meet someone who "loves - love" and gets so much happiness from what she does as misha, Claire and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts and know we were not only given the best wedding day possible from misha but also gained a close friend as well! Big love from Michael and Claire Mitchell


Misha made our day that much more special she was amazing. She really created a personalised ceremony for us and captured me and my husband perfectly all the guests commented what a good job MIsha had done and how wonderful the ceremony was. I’ve never met a more down to earth humble women then Misha and she is amazing at what she does Thankyou so much for playing a big role in making our day perfect.


Do you travel?

Yes! I'm a born globe trotter with a passion for visiting picturesque locations. From the beautiful vineyards of Mudgee or Orange, to the stunning escarpments of the Blue Mountains or toes in sand at Byron Bay... I can be found there.

Choosing a Celebrant -'Where do I start?'

If you want your ceremony to be a highlight of your wedding day, choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and really gel with. Someone you are happy to entrust with writing, and delivering, something special and who will help make the process as stress-free as possible.

An Authorised Marriage Celebrant has certain obligations they must meet, under the Marriage Act 1961. These are law. However, once met, the rest of your wedding is a blank canvas waiting to have your colours applied with the right brush strokes!

Other things to consider. Can they craft a great ceremony? Do they have experience talking in public? Does the Celebrant have a good reputation? Reading their testimonials/reviews, especially if the couple has taken the time to describe their strengths, is a great way to get a feel of their professionalism. These come directly from the couples themselves and can be invaluable. Also, is their attire in keeping with what you wish?

As in life, the dearest is not always the best, nor is the cheapest. So, like with your photographer, caterer, florist and venue, find a Marriage Celebrant who will look after your needs well, at a fair price. People often associate a Marriage Celebrant with their meetings and the ceremony on the day, while missing the hours spent behind the scenes on the legal requirements, writing your ceremony and all the preparation prior and post the wedding day. Some Celebrants charge less, yet book in back to back ceremonies. Find one who matches your needs.

I offer a no-obligation meeting, where we get to know each other, and you are able to get a sense of whether I am the right fit for bringing your vision for the day to life. My inner mission has always been to make a difference and bring joy to all I do and having the right couples is part of my own big picture.

Are you willing to meet with us?

Absolutely. I offer a relaxed obligation-free meeting over a coffee - or bubbles! - so you can share your vision of the day. Here we discuss how we can create a bespoke ceremony together and I provide you with some starting information. It's important to know your ceremony will match your vision for your big day, ensuring the process is relaxed, natural and you can be yourselves from the beginning.

If you decide to proceed, we walk through the terms and conditions of our agreement, the booking form and the non-refundable booking fee that locks in my services. Next we schedule completing the legalities.

From there we communicate via phone, email or Zoom/WhatsApp/Skype, until the week prior to the wedding - when we meet again for a final run through. This is either a rehearsal at the venue, or my office.

What Locations do you do?

Home is Mudgee - fabulous vineyard pics & toe curling vino! - but I also travel to the Blue Mountains, Orange, Hunter
Valley, Byron Bay, Northern NSW, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, and Canberra... to name a few.

Do you do elopements?

Yes, I adore them. So much so that's how hubby and I tied the knot! Elopements are delightfully warm, wonderful and relaxed ceremonies, with the bride & groom (along with their witnesses), exchanging their vows (often) in a lovely setting.

We meet a minimum of a month before to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Do you do very private high profile weddings?

Absolutely. While I may not share details or images, these are very special. I am the Queen of protecting secrets. Keeping the joy in, and the public eye out.

We loved how you personalised a friend's ceremony. Would you do the same for us?

If you have love, and you've made it to adulthood, you have a tale unlike anyone else on the planet. Since the road to love is a wondrous one (often shaped by the shared potholes along the way!) your ceremony should be a treasured part of your day. A happy memory that makes you smile when you're old and gray and your slippers are parked next to your beloveds.

Love is the ultimate celebration! Your guests love celebrating the heartfelt, as well as the grin like Garfield, moments! I love love and pride myself on scribing each ceremony so it is unique and truly memorable.

As a passionate & awarded writer, I capture the magic of the journey that brought you together. Your draft ceremony will be sent to you and we can tweak it to ensure it is just perfect!

Do do conduct legals only weddings?

Yes. These are very simple ceremonies, where you and I make certain legal statements in the presence of your witnesses. Usually held in my office.

We meet a minimum of a month before to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Do you perform same sex marriages?

I'm honoured to... it's a special bubbles moment!

Is there any paperwork we need to fill out?

Yes! In our second meeting, we will complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). By law, this document must be lodged with me no less than one month and one day, and no more than 18 months, prior to your wedding date.

Here I need to sight the original documents required. Once the legal requirements are met, the rest is a deliciously blank canvas. Then it's we fine tune your ceremony and discuss the finer logistics of the day.

What documents will we need?

• A birth certificate or passport (Date/Place of birth)
• Driver’s license, or Passport. (Photo ID)
• If divorced - an original Decree Absolute, or Certificate of Divorce.
• If widowed, a Death Certificate.
•Official annulment - for countries without a divorce system, such as the Philippines.
* These need to be the original documents.

Can we complete the Notice of Intended Marriage via post?

Yes. I walk you through the form (to ensure everything is completed correctly) and then you have it signed by a Justice of the Peace and send to me, via registered mail. I must receive it within the prescribed time and, prior to solemnising the wedding, I sight the original documents.
Under changes in the Act, we many things are accepted electronically. (aligning with this digital world we now operate in!)

Is there anything else to fill out prior to the wedding day?

Yes. Both of you are required to complete a No Impediment to Marriage declaration, stating they are free to marry. This is usually done just prior to the wedding day, but can be done prior on the day itself.

Do you have your own P.A?

Yes, I use a professional high quality P.A system- with iPod, Aux & Bluetooth connectivity, which is taken with me post completion of your ceremony.

What do we need to do on the wedding day?

You will need two witnesses, over the age of 18 years, who understand English.

On the day we will sign 3 documents: Marriage Register, Official Certificate of Marriage and commemorative Marriage Certificate (professionally printed & yours to keep.)

What happens after the wedding?

After the wedding, I complete all legal paperwork and lodge with the relevant authorities on your behalf. If you wish, I can assist with your Marriage Certificate Application form (to your new married name) also.

What do you normally wear?

My wardrobe is elegant, subtle and I go to great lengths to complement my bride & groom's dress code, colour and theme.

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