Choosing A Celebrant

‘Where do I start’?

When choosing a Marriage Celebrant look for someone you gel with, so you can be yourselves. After all, you want your wedding ceremony to be a truly memorable part of your wedding day. 

An Authorised Marriage Celebrant has certain obligations they must meet, under the Marriage Act 1961. These are law. However, once met, the rest of your wedding is a blank canvas, waiting to have your colours applied with the right brush strokes! 

A good Marriage Celebrant will ensure the day is warm, heartfelt and memorable. Whether you are marrying for the first time or have found each other later in life, you want someone who will help make it as stress-free as possible.

As in life, the dearest is not always the best, nor is the cheapest. So, like with your photographer, caterer, florist and venue, find a Marriage Celebrant who will look after your needs well, at a fair price.

The perfect match

My style is one of warmth, sincerity and fun, and I guide you through the entire process in a relaxed and professional manner. With plenty of sample ceremonies & readings at your fingertips, your wedding ceremony will match your vision for the day. 

My inner mission is to make a difference and be part of the change we all wish to see in the world through focusing on the things that truly matter. And nothing Beats Love!

If you want your ceremony to be a highlight

People often associate a Marriage Celebrant with their meetings and the ceremony on the day, while missing the hours behind the scenes spent on the legals, writing your ceremony and all the preparation prior and post the wedding day.  

Yes, I do travel!

My weddings are set in the beautiful vineyards of Mudgee, historic settings throughout Mid Western NSW and a host of other gorgeous places. It’s in my blood to travel – I’m a born globe trotter – and my couples wed in a host of other fabulous locations.

While my clothing is always subtle and complimentary to my bride & groom’s photos, I am happy to wear a preferred colour (or style) if it supports the theme of the day.

Good luck and congratulations… you’re getting married!

Misha Harding – Tie The Knot Mudgee