Helpful Tips

Mudgee weddings are glorious! Mudgee’s hot summers are ideal for a grape and it’s a winter playground Jack Frost would be proud of. While grapes thrive in the heat, humans have a tendency to wilt – quickly.

This can make it tough on the wedding party and guests, especially when the temperatures hit the high 30’s or higher. If your wedding is outdoors, it is wise to ensure the ceremony (and all guests) are in a covered or shaded area. At other months this can be due to the wind.

    • Between November and early March, give thought to available shading and seating, especially for the elderly. Guests have been known to faint in the heat and you don’t want Aunt Myrtle to miss your vows!
    • A fabulous way to help ensure all runs smoothly on the day is to visit the spot on a hot day prior. Be there at the same time of day you plan to hold the ceremony, and stand for a good 20 minutes to gauge how hot it will be for you, and your guests.
    • Have plenty of cold water available.
    • Have enough seating.
    • No matter what time of the year the ceremony is, if it’s outdoors, always have a wet weather plan in place. None of us can control the weather on the day, but a backup plan will remove the stress of finding the gods have gone crazy with a sudden burst of rain or cold.
  • Guests eagerly await the bride, so and it is not respectful to keep them waiting. A great tip is to check distances to the wedding venue and have one of the bridesmaids keep an eye on the time.

Misha Harding – Tie The Knot Mudgee