Other Ceremonies

Misha: A few other of many ceremonies…

Renewal of Vows

This is a wonderful way to reaffirm your marriage vows, before friends and family, and celebrate your journey and the depth of your ongoing love. It’s a delight to see a couple rekindle those butterflies, no matter how long ago they first took their vows, and have the privilege to toast to all they’ve shared and wonderful moments, yet to unfold, in the years ahead!

Baby Naming

This is a truly lovely way to welcome a new baby into the fold of the immediate, and extended family, and for parents to publicly declare their commitment to their child’s future. A truly special day, where friends and family join in welcoming the newest member of the family.

Memorial/Funeral Service

The loss of someone we love is often one of the hardest things we will experience in our life. Thus, a funeral or memorial service offers a heartfelt and meaningful way to say our farewells. My role is to assist in this difficult time in a way that is authentic to you, and best reflects your feelings and the wishes of your loved one.

With warmth and empathy, I co-create a ceremony that is comforting, uplifting and of course full of love. A deeply respectful celebration of the life lived, no matter how long or short.

This can take place in a park, a chapel, your home, or in a setting that holds special significance for you. 

Misha Harding – The The Knot Mudgee